Act three!

I’m continuing on with my outline and while there’s still countless revisions and polishes to be done once I do my first pass, it’s still exciting to tackle roughing act three. Act three is the big charge, the action, the all is lost then charge to the finish… simply, it’s a lot of fun. The other great part about it is paying off all the little seedlings you’ve planted along the way. If you’ve done your work then those really make it sing and tell the audience you put a lot of effort into crafting this journey for them. I like to think that comes through in all my work, but let’s be honest, when you’re under deadlines you don’t always have the time to perfect things. So as writers who answer to higher powers at networks and studios, we do our best to deliver a great piece for the audience that still meets the demands of production schedules and budgets. My goal today, to please both masters. Let’s see how I do. On to the writing!