So this is something I’ve written a bit about before, but it’s worth repeating. The key to the pitch I learned from he great Ed Decter is percentages. 10% The world, 60% Characters, 20% Pilot and %10 future stories that reinforce character. I actually use this now for any show I create. I literally don’t let myself start beating out stories until I know this pitch is locked.

Sometimes I’ll take it out just as a pitch, like I’ve been doing recently with some animated and live action projects. Sometimes though, you have to write it. Like with hourlong dramas. I’ve never been staffed on a show like that so no one would even hear my pitch. But if you write a great script people can read, then you stand a chance.

Whatever you do, make sure and spend most of your time on character. Get to know them as well as you know yourself. The first sign that you don’t know your characters? Not being able to come up with a million story ideas. If you find yourself in this position, go back to the pitch. Work out your characters and I guarantee you while you’re working on your characters, great stories will come.