I’m teaching classes; Putting Together a Pitch Package and Killing Your Darlings!

Hey, all! I’m very excited to tell you I will soon be teaching online courses on a few things I’ve found aren’t covered in the myriad of classes out there.

One being, how to pitch? You have an idea, your friends tell you it’s great, but how do you share it with a studio or network if given the chance? You need to be precise, entertaining and be able to read your audience. Some of that comes with experience but I’ll teach you the basics of how to be the kind of writer executives want to ask back whether they buy your pitch or not. You’ll also learn how to take your idea from premise to series in developing out a pitch package, a must if you’re a network.

From there we’ll go to creating a beat sheet, outline and first draft. It sounds like a lot, but once your pitch package is solid, you’ll already have the beginning, middle and end of your pilot story so you’re already on your way. I’ll work with students to set up their premise, create great character introductions, and take scenes that are all surface and create subtext in character interactions. This is truly what sets the greatest characters apart. Love Deadwood? Game of Thrones? The Sopranos? Madmen? All about subtext.

Another will be a re-write class. But this isn’t just any rewrite class, it’ll be one where I walk you through the process of killing your darlings. Let’s face it, we fall in love with some of the things we write, but when enough people tell you it doesn’t work and you’ve rewritten it ten times over and it still doesn’t work, it’s time to kill it and start over. It can be a line, a scene, or even a whole script. It’s all part of the process and part of what makes a great writer. Learning this skill and how to handle the notes that drive you there will have you producing a new kick ass draft and set you up to be a great writer on staff who can translate and incorporate notes in an expedient manner.

The fourth will be a “Writer to hyphenate” as in how to transition from being just a writer to a writer/producer. It will be a lecture class for writers who’ve already broken in or people who work on shows that want to make themselves invaluable to the writing staff in hopes of making the transition. Being able to write a great script isn’t enough. Lots of people can do that. But can you write to a brand? Can you write to a schedule? Can you rewrite to a budget? What about notes? Can you hold your own with network executives and pitch on the fly to save a script? These are but a few of the skills we’ll talk about which will evolve your performance and your writing and have show runners, studio executives and networks seeing a future for you, as someone they can trust to help carry the load of making a show.