New online classes start October 7th!

Online classes to teach you essential pitching and storytelling methods which they failed to teach you in college, expensive lectures, and studio writing programs.

After a decade of speaking with countless producers and executives along with reading hundreds of scripts for staffing or script-doctoring, it’s come to my attention that even with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that people are spending on university degrees, film schools and extension programs, no one is teaching writing from an industry standpoint. Academics have a place, but working writers know there are necessary elements to pilot scripts, pitches and most of all they know how to make yourself invaluable in a room.

I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over my career working with networks, producers, showrunners, and other writers and teach you how to apply this knowledge to your show idea. Learn effective logline writing, quick exercises to deepen your characters, simple methods of creating a bullet proof structure, a few tricks of the trade, and get a deeper insight into the process and the marketplace. In the end, you’ll come away with a better understanding of what it takes to stand out among the pack, and have the material in hand to move forward.

Each class will be limited to 6 writers so enough time can be spent helping you get your project to where you want it to be.

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