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GET DRAFTED! (Sundays 5-7pm PST, 6 weeks) –– Have an outline but are having trouble getting started on your draft? Have a draft that just isn’t singing the way you want it to? Then this class is for you! We’ll work together to get your project in tip top shape. We’ll check in on your concept, characters and beats to make sure your story and structure are tight, then coach you through writing a draft that will knock the socks off agents, managers and executives. I’ll share with you the “must haves” of a great sample which go far beyond story and structure. We’ll work out your character introductions, make sure your conceit and stakes are set up cleanly and cleverly. We’ll dig in and discuss when to do a character scene and when to use subtext; two huge things that will set your script apart from the majority of other writers who just concentrate on plot. We’ll also cover how to dress up exposition with action and the must of writing character specific dialogue. We’ll even read scenes that you’ve written/or will write for class and do a writer’s room-style session that will not only help make your scenes shine, but also give you some practice with being on staff so you’ll be prepared when that day comes.

Sunday evenings, 5-7pm, 6 weeks – January 20th, 27th February 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th
That’s 12 hours of class time, enough for me to help you and up to three other students (four student max) get your scripts in tip top shape!

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How are my classes different?

I don’t just lecture, I collaborate. While most classes offer an instructor who tells you what’s not working with your material then leaves you to figure it out, I become your partner and offer you specific ways to make your material great. I’ll work with you one on one in each class, listening to your concerns, walking you through how to mold your ideas for the current marketplace, and pitch ideas back and forth with you on everything from loglines, to structure, to subtext scenes and plot twists. Past students can tell you that I go above and beyond to collaborate with you during class and invest myself in your future. I want you to succeed!

I teach writing from an industry standpoint. Academics have a place, but working writers know there are necessary elements to pilot scripts and pitches that can help you sell a show or get staffed. They also know what it takes to make yourself invaluable in a room, when given the opportunity to pitch to an exec or showrunner. As a writer with over twenty years experience, I’m here to teach you everything I know about writing for TV and film and help you create a great pitch or script that will get you where you want to go.

Each class is hosted online and be limited to 6 writers so enough time can be spent helping you get your project to where you want it to be.

The reviews are in!

I signed up for Ethan’s BEAT IT. class because I had come to a crossroads on a project that I had been working on for the better part of two years. Needless to say, my project needed reviving and BEAT IT! helped me get over the proverbial hump.

Ethan has a strong command for story and a knack for pitching ideas that are in line with the writers’ creative vision. BEAT IT! was structured like a mini writers’ room with in-class exercises to get our creative juices flowing and weekly assignments to help us flush out our ideas, so that we can move our stories forward.

However, Ethan’s “superpowers” extend beyond helping writers craft compelling stories. Ethan is a patient and caring instructor, who knows how to get the most out of his students. Thanks, Ethan!!! I look forward to working with you again in the near future.



I recently took Ethan’s Pitch Perfect class and I’m so glad I did. Each week we had assignments and exercises that helped me get to the heart of the story. I can get bogged down in detail and Ethan helped me cut through the extraneous stuff. By the end of the class, I had a working pitch doc assembled and a rough road map for the series. I’m excited to apply the techniques I learned to my other projects and in upcoming pitches. I really feel his class was worth the investment. For the amount of personal attention, I and my classmates received, it was money well spent and I intend to take more of Ethan’s classes.



As sometimes/often/usually happens, I realized the pilot I was writing wasn’t quite coming together and I needed a fresh set of eyes. So I decided to take a chance on Ethan Banville. I signed up for his BEAT IT CLASS, which met online. There were four students in the class, including myself. This ended up being a perfect number, since during the two-hour session we each got thirty minutes to discuss our projects with Ethan one-on-one. Ethan would then assign homework, and we’d go over what we accomplished the following week. Ethan ended up being the fresh set of eyes I needed. He has a great way of taking your idea and pitching it back to you with a slight tweak that makes it work. I made so much headway with my pilot… Overall, I’m glad I took the class because I’d pretty much gone through my writer’s group and all my normal note givers and was still struggling with this pilot. Now, I’m finally at the stage where I think it’ll work and I’ll have a script in my hands sooner rather than later. I would take another class from him again!



I took Ethan’s “Pitch Perfect” class and cannot recommend it enough! It’s easily one of the best investments in my writing career I’ve made.

He provided a methodical approach for taking an idea and building it into a bullet-proof pitch document. For me, this was a crucial first step in creating an original pilot. Ethan’s class armed me with a deep knowledge of my characters and world, and I feel way more confident now breaking ground on an outline & script (and pitching my show, of course).

Aside from the excellent personal feedback and attention he provides, the weekly assignments kept me accountable and on-task.

I cannot overstate how practical Ethan’s lessons are. I’ve worked in writers’ rooms for nearly a decade, but his knowledge on subjects like: how to pitch/present in a room full of execs, what sells and what doesn’t, what to focus on in a pitch document, what to elaborate on and what to omit — they’re all things I wish I learned years ago!

I found the class so useful that I’m signing up for the next round (“Beat It”).



I recently took Ethan’s Pitch Perfect class and would highly recommend it if you’re ready to step out with your pilot and/or movie.

Ethan laid out the elements of the pitch, then walked us through every step of the way, leaving us with a complete Pitch Document at the end of the class.

And the weekly classes were great for keeping a deadline and moving along, all the while thinking of your pilot, characters, and structure. Ethan was always there to help with struggles and always had a alternate pitch for an idea (if wanted) to get the creative juices flowing.



I can’t recommend Ethan enough. I recently took his Pitch Perfect class, and not only do I now have a pitch document to send out, I also have a much better pilot script and story. I had my pilot more or less ready to go and was mostly just interested in getting tips on pitching (which I did get, by the way) but Ethan not only helped me build my pitch document, but his process also allowed me to focus the emotional beats of my story as well as strengthen character relationships in ways I hadn’t discovered yet.

So often I have taken classes where I end up feeling like I got very little out of it. With Ethan’s class, I got more than I bargained for. If you’re looking for insight into the television writing world and guidance with actual experience to back it up, check out Ethan Banville.


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