The biggest challenge for a lot of young writers I work with these days is getting used to living by someone else’s schedule. With so many great young artists breaking into the industry via writing, shooting and producing their own content, it appears hard for them to adapt to the sometimes gruelling delivery schedule of networks and studios. That’s the tricky thing about success. With it comes constrictions. If you don’t want to answer to anyone, you’re best staying independent and producing your own stuff while trying to find a way to monetize it that will still leave you in control. But if your dream is to get a show on the air, you’re going to have to adapt to collaborating and meeting the demands of a schedule. Right now I’m working on a quick turnaround on a re-premise to not eat up too much of what’s already a tight schedule. I’d love more time to tinker and play and punch, but when the whistle blows, your time is up. So head down, work until the last minute and set it free.